Edustance is training

Since 2002, Edustance is an IT training services provider for enterprises. It specialises in standard classroom, virtual and onsite training, with its certified trainers and training consultants as specialists in training plans and curriculum design.

In its first stage it specialized in Solaris, Java and iPlanet, and also developing and deploying the SUN Microsystems official e-learning platform in Spain and Portugal.

In 2007, Edustance added Red Hat training portfolio, and currently is responsible for both Red Hat and JBoss training course catalogue deliveries for Spain and Andorra.

In 2013, Edustance increased its curriculum portfolio by adding official Zimbra training for southern Europe and the Middle East.

Training is provided in two ways: instructor-led (ILT) and virtual (VT). Training courses are delivered from manufacturers calendars and taught in classrooms in Madrid, Barcelona and Andorra, or held in the customer’s premises (onsite training). Virtual courses (through e-learning platforms for manufacturers) may be acquired by students from different countries.

Depending on the course, Edustance may deliver the course in several different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French, German or Arabic.